According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, e-commerce has accounted for $453.5 billion of sales in the year 2017. More than ever before, now is the time to harness the power of ubiquitous connectivity to attract customers and business partners alike. Together with a sound marketing strategy, your digital presence can spearhead the advertising effort for your product, grow a community around your cause, and invite unique talent to partner with you, beyond the constraints of your local community. Regardless of the industry and the scale of your business, it is never too early, nor too late, to invest into digital marketing and e-commerce.
At epsilamic, our mission is to help you realize your full potential through a broad spectrum of solutions for web and mobile platforms.


Responsive Web Applications

Web applications can vary greatly in their complexity, ranging from informational websites to e-commerce shopping carts that allow customers to purchase from you online.
More advanced use cases include full-blown specialized platforms, including social networks, forums, and companion applications that provide extra value to complement your products and services.
The web application may be the product itself if the service you provide is more informational in nature, making it a complete Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution.
One of the main challenges with developing web applications is making them responsive - ensuring that your content looks easy to use and aesthetically pleasing on the wide variety of screen sizes used by the different phones, tablets, laptops and monitors.
We approach responsiveness testing with great care, and we can integrate any information system with a web UI tailored specifically for your needs.

Mobile Apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone

To reach busy users on the move and make some of your content or functionality available offline, consider investing into mobile apps. In this case, your application becomes more context-aware and takes part in your customers' journey through their everyday life, reacting to the environment around them, such as different locations and activities.
Properly managing how your application requests permissions to access a user's data is very important to the credibility of your brand. As well, every mobile platform has an app store with its own regulations on managing the users' privacy. Limiting the permissions requested from the user, and being transparent about the purpose of using certain kinds of data is one of the few challenges of mobile development.
In addition, every mobile platform requires a separate version of your app. Depending on your user base, you may choose to release an app for a particular platform, or to develop a cross-platform app.
We can take care of navigating these challenges for you, and make sure your customers get the best value from your interactive experience.


We can turn the most complicated ideas into a usable web app. Integrations even with systems not originally meant for consumption through a web interface never stopped us.


You can always come to us with follow-up questions, requests for small extra tweaks, and bug reports. We are proud of our customer service culture and hold it to the highest standard.


We focus on choosing technologies that will make it easier for you to maintain, extend, and future-proof your solution. We pick what's best for your product instead of only following the latest industry trends.
Talk to us today, and start your digital transformation.