An expert from outside your company may very often be able to provide you with advice that you wouldn't think of otherwise. If you're looking to start doing things differently to streamline your path to success, we can help you set a new direction and suggest innovative approaches to your challenges, from a fresh, 3rd-person, unbiased, point of view.
R&D and proof-of-concept implementations
Assessment for your current state, and roadmaps for the future

Explore the future and stay ahead of the game

Keeping your finger on the pulse of the technology industry often requires a great degree of in-depth research. Does your application deal with an increasing amount of load? How to make your solution scalable, all the while maintaining its stability? Should you consider streaming architectures? Should you take a look at microservices? Researching questions like these can be overwhelming to deal with in parallel with day-to-day operations. Let us take some of that burden off your hands, and delve into the unknowns for you. We can research the solutions that fit your specific needs, and demonstrate them in context through a proof of concept, weighing in on all the pros and cons of alternative choices.

"Just-in-time" architecture

Whether your product is just starting out and needs an initial roadmap, or if you are trying to get rid of technical debt in a mature solution, it is important to collaborate with your architecture team to make sure that your product's technical evolution is on the right track. Course-correcting in smaller steps more frequently is much more cost-effective than waiting for issues to accumulate and having to deal with large-scale refactors under a last-minute re-architecture plan. We can help you with assessing the current state of your software's architecture, and provide you with suggestions for the future, giving your team more bandwidth to stay on track with day-to-day operations, while improving the system from within.
With our broad experience in technologies both cutting-edge and legacy, we would be glad to understand your present, and scope out your future state
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