At epsilamic, our mission is to help you bring the best of digital solutions, data analytics, and modern agile business processes in information technology to empower and accelerate your business. We develop custom software solutions, provide consulting services on maintaining and tuning your existing products, and offer training for your team on industry best practices, so you can focus on what's most important - delivering value to your customer.



We have a breadth of technical knowledge, and the determination to apply it to the most complex of problems. Combined with our business acumen, and years of experience in various industry domains, we can ensure the success of your project on all levels.


We don't add the overhead of a multi-level management structure. Working with us, you will always be able to directly reach a member of our team who is aware of both the technical and higher-level business aspects of your project. Your requirements will always be heard loud and clear.


We emphasize agility as one of our most important core values and strive to be efficient under changing requirements to deliver the results you need, without the overhead of a complicated process.


Kirill Erokhin
Managing Partner, CEO, CTO

With over 10 years of industry experience and a BCS degree from the University of Waterloo, Kirill's expertise spans a wide range of challenges both technological and organizational. As a highly-technical specialist, he acts as the CTO in addition to managing the strategical direction of the business.
Ellen Yin
Managing Partner, CMO

Ellen brings a breadth of cross-functional experience having pivoted towards software development after graduating with a BSc in social sciences. With her years of global experience, she validates emerging business opportunities, while contributing as a developer to Epsilamic's projects.


FinTech // DevOps and Apache Kafka

  • Environment
    IBM WebSphere Application Server, IBM DB2, legacy J2EE stack, Ansible, PCI-DSS compliance
  • Project
    Help fulfill data residency requirements for sensitive financial information by preparing a monolithic application for deployment on multiple datacenters in different geographical regions
  • Approach
    Automated deployment of core components and introduced culture of managing "infrastructure as code". Also provided a reference implementation of a microservice that uses Kafka Streams and interacts with the other components through Kafka, as an example of efficient decoupling of the monolith application.

Healthcare // Statistical Simulation

  • Environment
    TreeAge Software, AWS EC2, Spring MVC REST API, Bootstrap CSS
  • Project
    Provide a group of healthcare researchers with results of a statistical simulation via a convenient web interface. The statistical model was developed using TreeAge Software by the client's data science team prior to the project.
  • Approach
    Discovered an RMI interface to TreeAge that allowed running simulations and extracting their results, and developed a REST API layer that performed the RMI calls. A user interface was developed to prompt users for simulation parameters, and to display the results.

Public Sector // Mapping Integration

  • Environment
    Legacy backend (Classic ASP), subsequent migration to ASP.NET CMS systems (including SharePoint), Oracle Database, Google Maps API, ArcGIS
  • Project
    Surface addresses and service areas of a public agency's locations on an interactive map. Service area boundaries were to be extracted out of KML exports from existing data maintained in ArcGIS
  • Approach
    An API was developed to surface boundary KMLs and the geographical coordinates of locations to the front-end, which was developed using the Google Maps API. Following initial release, the web application was converted into a SharePoint webpart, and later integrated into another .NET-based CMS.
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